Residential Sales

Working alongside an experienced agent when buying or selling your home will allow for a seamless experience. As a licensed real estate broker, Kobi will be able to provide a comprehensive breakdown of the current industry as well as tailored knowledge of NYC. For the seller, Kobi’s added knowledge alongside your property will allow for a competitive advantage when creating a listing and attracting potential residents. Buyers can benefit from having a professional work alongside them to ensure they’re getting a home they love at the best price. Whether on the buying or selling side, Kobi will make this daunting task, virtually stress free.

Residential Rentals

Entrusting Kobi to find the right candidate(s) to rent your property to can prove to be very beneficial. As a real estate professional with years of experience, he will be able to provide a comprehensive breakdown of the rental process for the lessor and lessee. Kobi can access his profound network of clients who may be a perfect match for the space. This saves the owner time as it leaves all the marketing and showings to the agent. On the lessee side, allowing Kobi to guide you during your search will save you from wasting time on properties that don’t match your requirements. Let a trained professional do all the scouting work for your next rental.

Commercial Investment Sales and Leasing

Allow Kobi to take part in guiding your company to reach its full potential. Experienced agents can be an asset to both the selling and buying sides of commercial properties. With their years of industry experience, agents can match available properties that align with the company’s goals as well as provide vital knowledge about the neighborhood such as demographics, psychographics, competition, and other factors that may effect the business’ performance. Choosing a commercial property through the guidance of an experienced sales person can allow the property owner and business owner to maximize their return on investment. 


As a professional that once came from overseas relocation is a primary specialty offered by Kobi. Working with many international clients, most of which have a corporate background, it has been a sure selection of a few big firms to turn to Kobi for his relocation expertise.